Now is the Time to Write What Matters.

I want to start by saying that I understand that politics can be particularly polarizing, and that you may not be in agreement with what I think. And that’s okay. Print Therapy was founded on the importance of honest, heartfelt emotions, and I think it’s vital that both you and I feel able to share them freely – even when we disagree.

I listen to a lot of Spotify when I work. I always love seeing what they come up with for what I might enjoy. I don’t know what sort of voodoo music magic they’re working behind the curtain, but they never fail to play songs that hit me right where I need them. As I was working today, they played a song I had never heard before –  We Have Seen by Joshua Hyslop. A set of lyrics struck me deeply – 

We have seen enough 
Truth is there but we don’t care enough to love
We have broken wings
We have learned that we don’t know everything
We have broken hearts
Though it hurts it’s no excuse not to start
We have got to see
What we do is what becomes history

… and I felt moved to action. Because those words are exactly right – what we do is what becomes history. And I know it’s time to do my part.

So, I broke out my very best stationery <wink>, and wrote two letters to my Massachusetts senators. I cried while writing them, feeling the weight of our new reality settle deeply onto my heart and into our future. My future. My son’s future. And so I wrote ….

Dear Senator Warren,

You may not know me, but I am a part of the Women’s March Movement. I live in the beautiful town of Longmeadow, MA, with my family … and we are scared. Our son Ryan is one year old. I’ve included his photo so that you know who we – and you – are fighting for. He’ll start public school under this administration. As he grows, will he have clean air to breathe and clean water to drink? Will he be able to marry and have a family with who he loves? Will he have access to affordable health care? Will he look around and see equality and love and kindness? Please fight for our concerns. 

With love,
Melissa Wert

Letters are a part of our personal history, and it was time for that part of my history to include action. 

Yes. I sent my senators a card with the word fuck on it. It felt right. Desperate times, and all that. And yes, I really did include a photo of my son. It’s their job to fight for him, and his future. And I’m not above hoping that a cute face is memorable to them when they make their decisions about how to vote for our future.

Now, maybe my concerns are not your concerns. Maybe you’re in agreement with the moves our elected officials are making. Whatever you feel, I urge you to write or call your representatives. Make your voice heard. Write, and say, what matters. 


P.S. – Need help finding your senators or some ideas on how to take action? Start here >>

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