2017: Less is more.

Each December I meditate and pray on a word to guide me for the next year. Sort of hokey, right? But it gives me good perspective for what I need out of the new year outside of the usual “more trips to the gym” (which, yes, is on my 2017 to do list. I swear).

This year I really struggled. I want so many things to come to fruition next year that I was having trouble processing them to decide on my guiding word.

And then it hit me. If I can’t even find the mental space to process them, how can I achieve them? I instantly knew what my word was, counter intuitive as it felt. I immediately wrote it on my What Matters calendar, as my focus for January. Less. To achieve more, I need less.

Less overwhelm. 
Less saying yes, just to say yes. 
Less processed foods fueling my body. 
Less late nights, sacrificing sleep. 
Less social media scrolling. 
Less thinking I’m not good enough. 
Less glorifying busy. 
Less “I can’t”s. 
Less comparing. 
Less shoulds. 
Less should haves. 

All of those lesses equal more. More energy. More clarity. More space. More acceptance. More connections. More family. More success. More of what matters. 

Less is more. Less, for more. What do you need less of, to make room for more?



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