Love is Hard

When I first heard this song, I will admit – I didn’t get it. It seemed like such an anti-love song to me. What do you mean love is hard? Shouldn’t you be singing about the wonderful, beautiful moments of love?

Listen: Love is Hard, by James Morrison

But then I got married, and I started to get it.

And then, then I became a parent. And I really, really got it.

Love is wonderful. But it’s also, at times, hard. And I don’t mean a moment of difficulty, that passes before you understand it. I mean soul crushingly hard. But that’s the beauty of it. Allowing yourself to love someone enough to feel the spirit lifting, life changing, mesmerizing feeling that is true, deep love also opens you up for the difficult parts, too. And each of those feelings changes you, if you allow them to. Sometimes your soul feels crushed. But really it’s just splitting open, piece by piece, crack by crack, heartache by heartache, making way for a love you’ve never experienced before. 

The fight that makes you question if you’ll make it.
The late night crying session that makes you wonder why you did it. 
The changes in life that make you wonder if you’ll ever be the same.

Love is so, so hard. But so, so worth it. 

And if they’re lucky yeah they’ll,
they’ll get to see. 
And if they’re really really lucky they’ll,
they’ll get to feel.
And if they’re, they’re truly blessed
then they’ll get to believe …

That love is hard. 

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