The Beauty is in the Blooming

Lately it feels like we’re always in a rush to get to the finish line, and that the process of getting there is just that – what we need to get there. Nothing more, nothing less. Something to rush through, because wow, won’t it be amazing once we get “there”. We have a lot of different “theres” on the horizon it seems – starting a family, renovating our kitchen, building our business into a full time adventure. We can’t wait to turn the garage into the studio, have new siding and shutters on our house, and quit our full time jobs! Our excitement is all in the end game, the finished product, the meeting of the goal. But how much life are we spending getting there? Are we wasting it all, thinking it’s less important because those days are spent working towards a goal instead of enjoying the fruition of one? And if those days aren’t important, because they’re spent doing the work to plan, to build, to commit to the future, then we have a real problem. Let’s face it – the completion of one goal always turns into the start of another, and if we’re only enjoying the completion, then we’ll always be in search of the next goal. The next celebration. The next future. We’ll be spending our days in search of and dreaming about the future while missing the present. While we’re missing the right now. If what we have at this very moment isn’t good enough, isn’t worth the celebration, isn’t enough to say “I live a good life. I love my life”, then I think it’s time to reevaluate. After all, isn’t today just one piece of the future we were dreaming of before?

These thoughts have been swirling around in my head these last few weeks, and I’ve been trying to really reevaluate why I’m always so focused on what comes next instead of being focused on what comes now. Yesterday, it all hit me. As N and I were sitting on our deck, enjoying our springtime backyard, I stopped to look at our rhododendron bush – N had mentioned earlier in the day that its buds were starting to open up. As I looked at all of the buds, many in various stages of blooming, I had a realization. Yes, bloomed flowers are beautiful, but for me, the beauty is in the blooming. I love flowers the most as they are making their way to their goal of being full bloomed flowers. I love them most before they are about to bloom, before they are about to open up, and just before they are about to be what they are meant to become. While their end game, their fruition, their finished product is certainly beautiful, it absolutely pales in comparison to their day to day, growing beauty. They are beautiful in their present state, and that is more beautiful to me than their future.

My lesson? My life is blooming. And it is beautiful today. It is meaningful today. It is worth enough today. Sure, our kitchen may be not be renovated. And I may still have to get up on Tuesday morning to go to my day job before I can devote some time to building Print Therapy. And that’s all okay, because each of those details make today the day that it is. They make me the person that I am. And it makes my life everything that it is, and everything that it will be. My life is blooming. And that’s where the beauty is.

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